Invisible Easter Bunny

Today, my family was blessed to go to an egg hunt for families that include a child with special needs. (Huge thank you to Serena and Wonderfully Made Non-profit Photography Group for organizing yet another awesome event.)

My kids, especially Puzzle Piece and Little Sister, are notorious for being scared of the Easter Bunny, so this hunt was great because the bunny was not the focus. (Also, there’s no competition, pressure, or even running.)

Puzzle Piece (left) meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time

Every year from the time Puzzle Piece was a year old, we have taken a picture with him either crying…

Puzzle Piece (right) crying even with his dad holding him

Or standing noticeably away from that rascally rabbit.

One of my favorites because it looks like Puzzle Piece (far right) is photo bombing
Fine because he was far from the bunny, in a shirt about the one food he has always eaten

Even knowing there is a person inside the bunny costume has not helped. Not that I think it would with how costumes transform PP himself.

My friend’s husband was this bunny, but PP (front left) just wanted out of there. Little Sister is understandably skeptical.

Last year, getting a new ball right before the picture helped distract him a little.

Puzzle Piece (immediate right of the bunny) focused entirely on the ball he had just received.

This year, the bunny had PP’s favorite candy. When he said he wanted it, I told him he could go get some. Focusing entirely on the task of getting a piece of candy, Puzzle Piece walked over to the bunny and dug through his bag, never once looking at the bunny. This was a win for me.

Finding his candy

After eating lunch and watching others have their pictures taken with the bunny, Puzzle Piece asked if he could have his taken. So his dad went to take the picture.

Borrowed Dad’s hat for the photo

Puzzle Piece borrowed his dad’s hat and pulled it over his eyes before walking toward the bunny. If you can’t see the bunny, it isn’t there, right?

So proud of this dude for figuring out a way of dealing with his fear and discomfort.

Maybe he can help Little Sister next year.

Little Sister and Baby Brother in their picture with the Easter Bunny

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